Guide Hero Astrid Best Build Item Arena of Valor


Guide Hero Astrid Best Build Item Arena of Valor - I will become your sword and cut through thorns for you.

When Astrid bent the knee in front of Thane and to take her vows, she was not yet 18. But as the bearer of the famous sword Embertrail and the legitimate heir of the Duke of Roses, Astrid took up the mantle imposed upon her by history. She raised the Flaming Rose standard high and stood next to Thane, showing the world the allegiance of an old noble house to the new king.

With Astrid's support, the doubts that followed Arduin's death eventually quieted and people started to reflect on the failure of Arctica. Even though Astrid's father and brother died in the war, she did not pay any mind to gossip and whispers from the Temple. Her support in Thane's ascension provided some much-needed stability in times of conflict.

In return, Thane awarded unprecedented honor to the Rose family, and Astrid became the kingdom's first duchess. But before she could do anything with her territory, dark powers returned with Taara leading the charge. Arduin and Mina, corrupted by dark power, were spotted among their ranks.

Astrid knew that the murderous leader was one of those responsible for her father's and brother's deaths. She could not wait to join the battle and avenge them, but Thane gently stopped her. Looking at the girl with affection and care, Thane said, You have done enough for me. I shall take care of the rest.

My lord, I don't think you understand, declared Astrid with her head held high, showing resolve that no man of her age would ever possess. I took my vows as a knight. Dukes can wait in their castles for news of victory, but knights must charge into battle! With that said, she unclasped her crimson mantle, unsheathed Embertrail and led her knights to war.

My resolve will never waver!


Max HP 3465
Physical Attack 170
Magic Power 0
Physical Defense 99|14.1%
Magic Defense 50|7.6%
Max Mana 450
Movement Speed 380
Resistance 0%
HP / 5 sec 50
Mana / 5 sec 16

Guide Hero Astrid Best Build Item Arena of Valor




Physical Attack
Ability Demage


Bladed Guardian

Skill Passive

Base Demage -
Mana Cost -
Cooldown -
When Astrid's HP falls below 80%, she gains a shield that absorbs 500 HP for 4 seconds. The shield effect has a 24-second cooldown and will be reactivated when Astrid takes damage again. While the shield is active, it deals 125 magic damage to surrounding enemies. Cooldown is reduced by 3 seconds every time Astrid hits an enemy hero with an ability or normal attack and by 1.5 seconds every time she hits an enemy minion or monster.

Spin Slash

Skill 1

Base Demage 150>400
ATK Speed 20%>40%
Mana Cost 60
Cooldown 5.0
Astrid swings her mighty sword around, dealing 150 (+187) physical damage to surrounding enemies. If she hits an enemy hero, Astrid's attack speed will increase by 20% and an additional 5% for every other hero hit for 3 seconds.

Fearless Charge

Skill 2

Base Demage 60>510
Mana Cost 60
Cooldown 10.0>8.0
Astrid charges forward, dealing 60 (+85) physical damage, slowing enemy movement speed by 50% for 1.5 seconds, and decreasing target armor by 30% for 4 seconds. Her next normal attack will be a critical hit and will reduce Fearless Charge's cooldown by 1 second. This effect cannot stack.

Dire Blow

Skill 3

Base Demage 400>800
Mana Cost 100
Cooldown 50.0>40.0
Astrid powers up and becomes immune to all damage for 2 seconds. After 1.5 seconds, she swings her sword, dealing 400 (+340) physical damage. For every 2% of her own maximum HP that Astrid has lost, she will deal 1% more damage. The ability also slows the enemy's movement speed by 50% for 1.5 seconds. If the enemy's HP is higher than Astrid's, then the ability also stuns the enemy for 1 second.

Guide Hero Astrid Best Build Item Arena of Valor


Gilded Greaves

Price 690
Magic DEF +110
- -
Unique Passive: Movement Speed +60.
Unique Passive: Resistance +35%.

Mantle of Ra

Price 1950
Physical ATK +80
Physical DEF +330
Unique Passive - Burn: Deals 100 (+4 per level) magic demage to nearby enemies every second (deal double demage to minions and monsters).


Price 2020
Physical ATK +110
- -
Unique Passive - Windwalk: Increases movement speed by 10% after exiting battle.
Unique Passive - Break: Increase Physical Defense pierce by 100 (+10 per level).

Frost Cape


Price 2000
Cooldown +10%
Physical DEF +250
Max HP +800
Unique Passive - Frost Power: After using an ability, the next normal attack reduces movement speed by 30% and deals 150 physical demage (20 additional demage for each level gained) to an area. 3-second cooldown.

Medallion of Troy


Price 2320
Cooldown +10%
Magic DEF +360
Max HP +1000
Unique Passive - Blessed: Gains a shield that absorbs 300 (+50 per level) magic demage every 18 seconds.

Mail of Pain

Price 1940
Physical DEF +300
Max HP +1200
Unique Passive - Riposte: 15% of the physical demage taken is deflected to the enemy as magic demage (calculation is based on demage before demage reduction).

The Aegis


Price 2180
Cooldown +20%
Max Mana +400
Physical DEF +360
Unique Passive - Spirit Bond: When taking demage, reduces the attacker's attack speed by 30% and movement speed by 15% for 3 seconds.


Hero Tips

Dire Blow makes Astrid immune to all damage, which is invaluable when she has low HP. This allows Astrid to deal heavy damage and stun enemies while running to safety.

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