Guide Hero Superman Best Build Item Arena of Valor


Guide Hero Superman Best Build Item Arena of Valor - On the dying planet of Krypton, an infant named Kal-El was placed inside of a rocket and sent to the distant planet Earth. The last alien survivor, Kal-El was raised by farmers-Martha and Jonathan Kent-who named their son Clark and infused in him the strong moral values that would give birth to the hero known as Superman.

As he grew from a boy to a teen, and then into a man, the radiation from Earth's yellow sun allowed him to manifest incredible abilities, including superhuman strength, speed, and invulnerability. He also possesses the power of flight, as well as X-ray, heat, microscopic, and telescopic vision. Yet, along with his tireless desire to help the people of Earth escape calamity and reach their highest potential, came a sense of isolation.

Though he calls Earth his home, he is not of this world. The knowledge that his true home, the planet Krypton, is but stardust and solar debris, has kept Superman from venturing too far from Earth.

That all changed on a fateful autumn day, when Superman encountered one of his greatest foes. The villain Brainiac, supercharged with power from an unknown source, descended upon Earth with a fleet of advanced robotic drones. It took every last ounce of Superman's power to defeat Brainiac. The Man of Steel's endurance won out, and before dispatching Brainiac, his X-ray vision spotted something with a bright, glowing aura. Superman removed the glittering gem from Brainiac's armor and felt a surge of power ripple through his hand and up his spine. Immediately distrustful of the object's incredible power, Superman retreated to the Fortress of Solitude to analyze the rare artifact.

The Fortress of Solitude's computer could find no analog for the artifact's substance anywhere in the galaxy. However, there was one clue that the artifact found: a log from Kryptonian scientist Jor-El—Kal-El's father. Superman discovered that his father had been researching a similar artifact, which had been called an Andura Shard. This object, which could have given Brainiac the key to domination of the entire Earth, was only one piece of a much larger whole! The Andura Shard originated in a realm called Athanor, a place beyond even the Phantom Zone. Mainstream Kryptonian scientists had scoffed at Jor-El's assertion of the fact that parallel dimensions existed, and his boldest claim, that the magic which emanated from Athanor was linked to the physical universe, nearly brought him professional ruin.

But Jor-El was right. As Superman eagerly combed through the Fortress of Solitude's archives, he learned that ancient Kryptonians had explored the galaxy in search of the Andura Shards, and may have even visited the Earth long ago as part of their quest. But as Superman searched the Fortress of Solitude, it was revealed that Brainiac had redoubled his search for the Andura Shards and, if he claimed this ultimate source of their power, all of Earth would be in danger.

Superman has already lost one world: he refuses to lose another. So the Man of Steel has taken flight across the galaxy in search of Athanor and the Andura Shards. On his quest to fulfill the legacy of his father, he will find himself cast as the defender of a new realm in desperate need of truth and justice.


Max HP 3322
Physical Attack 170
Magic Power 0
Physical Defense 101|14.4%
Magic Defense 50|7.6%
Max Mana 0
Movement Speed 380
Resistance 0%
HP / 5 sec 51
Mana / 5 sec 0

Guide Hero Superman Best Build Item Arena of Valor



Mobility / Initiator

Physical Attack
Ability Demage



Skill Passive

Base Demage -
Mana Cost -
Cooldown -
Superman has two modes: flying and walking. He gains 2% movement speed and charges energy for every 100 units he walks, and takes flight once energy is fully charged. Flight mode grants 20% movement speed when moving towards an enemy, and his normal attacks deal additional physical damage equal to 12% of his own maximum HP. Superman exits Flight mode when he is hit with a control effect that lowers his movement speed to 375 or less.

Kryptonian Strength

Skill 1

Breath DMG 215>1920
Heat DMG 250>1500
Cooldown 8.0>4.0
Superman uses his ice breath to generate a blizzard that deals 250 (+255) physical damage to enemies and slows their movement speed by 50% for 1 second.
If in Flight mode, Superman rams into enemies, dealing 170 (+398) (12% of maximum HP) physical damage, and then fires his heat vision, dealing an additional 250 (+255) physical damage.

Man of Steel

Skill 2

Base Demage 335>1010
SPD Increase 30%>50%
Cooldown 14.0
Superman unleashes his full power, which immediately frees him from control effects and significantly increases his movement speed.
If in Flight mode, Superman will slam the ground and knock back enemies, dealing 335 (+191) physical damage as well as rid himself of control effects and increase his movement speed.

Speeding Bullet

Skill 3
Cooldown 70.0
- -
Superman taps into his full potential, which increases his charge up speed by 100% for 10 seconds.
If in Flight mode, Superman will ram into his enemies and knock them back, dealing 170 (+398) (12% of maximum HP) physical damage, and have his charge up speed increased by 100% for 10 seconds.

Guide Hero Superman Best Build Item Arena of Valor

Best Guide Hero :

Gilded Greaves

Price 690
Magic DEF +110
- -
Unique Passive: Movement Speed +60.
Unique Passive: Resistance +35%.

Hermes' Select

Price 580
- -
- -
Unique Passive - Swift: Increases movement speed by 60 after exiting battle.
Unique Passive: Movement Speed +60.

Crimson Banner

Price 2090
Physical DEF +200
Max HP +1500
Unique Passive - Bloody Battle: Restores 20% HP over 5 seconds after earning a kill or assist. 10-second cooldown.

Gaia's Standard


Price 1960
Magic DEF +240
Max HP +1200
Move. Speed +5%
Unique Passive - Regenerate: When taking demage, restores 8% HP over 2 seconds. 10 second cooldown.


Price 2020
Physical ATK +110
- -
Unique Passive - Windwalk: Increases movement speed by 10% after exiting battle.
Unique Passive - Break: Increase Physical Defense pierce by 100 (+10 per level).

Mail of Pain

Price 1940
Physical DEF +300
Max HP +1200
Unique Passive - Riposte: 15% of the physical demage taken is deflected to the enemy as magic demage (calculation is based on demage before demage reduction).


Price 2020
Physical ATK +75
Cooldown +10%
Unique Passive - Armor Pierce +45%.

Spear of Longinus


Price 2060
Physical ATK +80
Cooldown +15%
Physical DEF +150
Unique Passive - Shatter: Decreases target Physical Defense by 50 on hit for 5 seconds. Stack up to 5 times.

Odin's Will

Price 1820
Physical ATK +60
Max HP +1000
Unique Passive - Adrenaline: Increases movement speed by 2% and deals 2% additional demage after taking demage. Stacks up to 5 times.

Medallion of Troy


Price 2320
Cooldown +10%
Magic DEF +360
Max HP +1000
Unique Passive - Blessed: Gains a shield that absorbs 300 (+50 per level) magic demage every 18 seconds.


Hero Tips

As long as Superman keeps moving, even if he wanders in circles, he will be able to enter Flight mode. Strike your enemies with Man of Steel while in Flight mode to fly over obstacles. The damage from Kryptonian Strength while in Flight mode can be devastating, but the target area is not very big, so use it when the enemy is very close.

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