Guide Hero Zuka Best Build Item Arena of Valor


Guide Hero Zuka Best Build Item Arena of Valor - A true warrior defends the weak and punishes the evil.

Zuka was born in a beautiful and prosperous village. It was a hive of activity during the day, but quiet and tranquil during the night. It was a place where people were sheltered from the hardship and misery of the world. However, the one thing the inhabitants of this serene place valued above all else was martial arts. Despite being a young cub, Zuka had to study all manner of combat styles and ascend through the grades by passing the examinations set by his teacher.

The young Zuka could not understand why he needed to do this. After all, why should he spend so much time and effort learning martial arts that he would never need to use? Surely it would be better to help work the fields or engage in scholarly pursuits? In response to Zuka's question, the teacher responded, It is not enough to simply wish for peace, one must have the ability to defend peace!

Those words left a deep impression on him. When the fallen souls that emerged from the demon abyss spread plague and chaos across the land, the once peaceful village was mercilessly engulfed in the flames of war. In an effort to flee, the young Zuka embarked on a long journey with his family, crossing treacherous mountains as they made their way to the legendary Forest of Shadows.

Zuka had heard about the Forest of Shadows in the stories told by the older villagers. Not only was it home to the legendary Elven Queen, Tel'Annas, but there were also countless elemental and orc warriors. They were the Queen's valiant army, charged with defending the land from evil.

During the journey, Zuka witnessed all manner of depraved acts perpetrated by the fallen souls. The martial arts that he had practiced for so many years finally had a use. Wearing armor symbolizing his coming of age, and wielding a staff he made with his own two hands, he fought countless battles against evil and saved those who had suffered at their hands.

Tales of Zuka's heroic exploits spread far and wide. From the noble and proud Temple of Light, to the Castle of Inception, which has long been suspicious of animal races, all factions publicly commended Zuka's heroism. Even Queen Tel'Annas herself prepared a lavish welcome ceremony in his honor. Then, at the invitation of Earth Elemental Lumburr, Zuka formally joined the resistance army, becoming a warrior with a duty to eradicate evil and protect peace.

No matter where Zuka may be, he is an undisputed symbol of peace!


Max HP 3269
Physical Attack 170
Magic Power 0
Physical Defense 86 / 12.5%
Magic Defense 50 / 7.6%
Max Mana 0
Movement Speed 380
Resistance 0%
HP / 5 sec 44
Mana / 5 sec 0

Guide Hero Zuka Best Build Item Arena of Valor


Warrior / Assassin


Physical Attack
Ability Demage


The Chi

Skill Passive

Base Demage -
Mana Cost -
Cooldown -
Every 20 seconds, dealing damage to an enemy hero triggers Zuka's Chi, increasing his attack damage by 14/15.5/17/18.5/20% (occurs at Level 1/4/7/10/13) for the next 8 seconds.

Pain on a Stick

Skill 1

Base Demage 40>120
Demage Reduc 15%>20%
Add. Demage 85>145
Cooldown 9.0>6.0
Zuka raises his staff and charges forward, dealing 120 (+144) physical damage to nearby enemies. This ability can be used again within 5 seconds of the first use and each use enhances Zuka's next normal attack, increasing its range and dealing an additional (+85) physical damage.

Panda Chariot

Skill 2
Base Demage 250>500
Cooldown 12.0>10.0
Zuka rolls forward, dealing 100 (+59) physical damage to enemies in his path. On a successful hit, Zuka gains a shield that absorbs 150 (+255) damage for 2.5 seconds and enhances his next normal attack to deal an additional (+85) physical damage and knock enemies into the air for 0.5 seconds.


Skill 3

Base Demage 370>550
Add. MGC DMG 30>60
Cooldown 18.0>12.0
Zuka leaps up and crushes his enemies from above, dealing 400 (+170) physical damage to enemies in the target area and stunning them for 1 second. His next normal attack will deal an additional (+85) physical damage to nearby enemies.

Guide Hero Zuka Best Build Item Arena of Valor

Best Guide Hero :

Sonic Boots

Price 700
Physical DEF +110
- -
Unique Passive: Movement Speed +60.
Unique Passive: Reduces normal Physical Attack taken by 15%.

Gilded Greaves

Price 690
Magic DEF +110
- -
Unique Passive: Movement Speed +60.
Unique Passive: Resistance +35%.


Price 2020
Physical ATK +110
- -
Unique Passive - Windwalk: Increases movement speed by 10% after exiting battle.
Unique Passive - Break: Increase Physical Defense pierce by 100 (+10 per level).

Omni Arms


Price 2150
Physical ATK +70
ATK Speed +15%
Life Steal +10%
Cooldown +10%
Max HP +500
Unique Passive - Pentapower: After using an ability, the next normal attack within 5 seconds deals 100% more physical demage. 2-second cooldown.


Price 2020
Physical ATK +75
Cooldown +10%
Unique Passive - Armor Pierce +45%.

Fenrir's Tooth

Price 2950
Physical ATK +200
- -
Unique Passive - Fenrir's Tooth: Increases all demage dealt by 30% when the target's HP below 50%.

Death Sickle

Price 2000
Physical ATK +60
Cooldown +5%
Unique Passive - Divine Intervention: Prevents demage from a potential killing blow, then increases movement speed by 20% for 1 secon. 90=second cooldown.


Price 1750
Physical DEF +120
Max HP +800
(Grants Frostbite talent)
Unique Passive - Flame Magic: Deal 90 (+5 per level) magic demage to nearby enemies every second (deal double demage to minions and monsters).
Unique Passive - Hunter: Deals 30% extra demage to monsters and receives 30% more experience from killing monsters.
Unique Passive - Wild: Increase maximum HP by 70 for every monster killed. Stacks up to 15 times.

Spear of Longinus


Price 2060
Physical ATK +80
Cooldown +15%
Physical DEF +150
Unique Passive - Shatter: Decreases target Physical Defense by 50 on hit for 5 seconds. Stack up to 5 times.


Hero Tips

Zuka gains a shield from successful hits with Panda Chariot, so make sure you hit an enemy or a monster when you use this ability. Zuka's positioning abilities take him through most obstacles and can produce unexpected effects on certain terrains.

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